Airbrush Tanning FAQ

We know finding an airbrush tanning artist and knowing how the process works can be somewhat overwhelming. Let us break down all you need to know about how it works, the process, and what you can do to prepare and care for your glow! 

How does a spray tan work? (the science!) 
Airbrush tanning solution contains a chemical known as Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When applied to the skin, it reacts with the amino acids of your skin to produce your tan.  It does not absorb into your body, it is only on the top layer of your skin.  While it sounds strange applying a chemical to make your skin darker, DHA is FDA approved and completely safe.  The solution is sprayed as a light mist with an airbrush tanning gun by a certified airbrush tanning artist. 
How long will my spray tan last?
Airbrush tans will lady anywhere from 5-7 days. Your skin sheds just like your hair! As your skin sheds, your airbrush tan will start to come off.  Proper prep and aftercare can drastically increase the life of your tan! You may also purchase a tan extender lotion or mousse that has a very small amount of DHA in it, that will help add an additional 2-3 days to your tan. 
Do I have to be naked? What can I wear?
I know it can be terrifying stripping down in front of a complete stranger.  Trust me, every single client has something they are insecure about! This part should be the furthest thing from your mind, even though quite often I see it coming up as a top concern.
The short answer; NO! You do not need to be fully nude for your session. You can wear panties or swimsuit bottoms and go topless, wear a full swimsuit-whatever makes you feel most comfortable! I just ask that you please keep in mind tan lines.  If tanning for a special event or vacation, you may not want to have certain lines.  
I do require all male clients to wear something (either boxers, briefs, or swim trunks) during our sessions. 
What do I need to do to prepare for my tanning session? 
For all prep and aftercare instructions, please click here.